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2017 Safety Day Activities

2017 Safety Day Activities

1. Evacuation drills      15:00-15:15
2. Fire extinguishing drills     15:20-15:35
3. Watch the safety video     15:35-16:10
4. Plant Manager safety speech  16:15-16:30
5. Distribute gifts-take photos-end  16:30-17:00

Evacuation drills could make employees familiar with escape process and improve their abilities to cope with emergencies.

Fire extinguishing drills taught the operation method of fire extinguishers, and improved their abilities to cope with fires.

Watching the safe video and listening to Plant Manager’s speech strengthened the security awareness of the whole team, and make the Atlas Copco security culture deeply rooted among our workers.

Our employees could feel the warmth of safety day by the distributed gifts and group photos.

Through this activity, all employees knew more about the security culture of Atlas Copco.

We successfully organized the safety day activities and enjoyed it.