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Good Test Results for Several Products

Good Test Results for Several Products

From March, our technicians have finished field tests on 115mm DTH bits for soft formation in Zibo, Shandong and Quzhou, Zhejiang province.

By late June, field tests in Zibo and Quzhou had been completed and the results were satisfactory. SS bits were compared with AC Swedish bits in Zibo. The average life of SS bits was about 2000m, and that of AC bits was 800-900m. Our product life exceeded the competitor. In Quzhou, our bits were compared with NJG bits. SS bits lasted 9100m, and NJG bits lasted 8000-10000m. The life of our product was equivalent with that of NJG. The customer was satisfied with our product.

At present, we have started small batch production and sales, and plan to collect more product performance data through the market feedback, and prepare for the further improvement and mass production.
In October 2016, our Plant Manager and purchasers searched for high-quality steel all over China, which marked the beginning of Excellent H22 Rod Project. After the steel was chosen, under the guidance of TC Manager, our engineers tracked and optimized the whole production process of tapered rod in the period of half the year. From April to June, 2017 we made field tests on 4m rods and 2.2m rods respectively in Nanshan tunnel in Fushun, Liaoning and Chuzhou Copper Mine, Anhui. And we have achieved good results in both fields.

Judging from the test results, our excellent H22 rod has achieved a preliminary success, which also means that our quality control and product’s R & D have made great improvement! With “the spirit of craftsman striving for perfection”, engineers from our Technical Center immediately promoted the improve plan to the problems and defects from these tests, which has already been used in small batch trial production. The nationwide small batch tests of excellent H22 rods are about to begin, let’s wait and see!