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According To Xinhua News Agency, London, The Moon Itself Is Not A Perfect Sphere, But A Lemon That Protrudes In The Direction Of The Earth. A Study Published In The New Issue Of Nature Explains The Formation Of The Lemon Shaped Moon.

In The New Study, Experts At The University Of California In Santa Cruz, Analyzed The Geological Characteristics Of The Gravity And The Combined With Previous Relevant Information About The Historical Evolution Of The Moon's Study, Put Forward The View That The Moon Is Lemon Shaped, Mainly In The Early Formation Of Geological Soft And Lunar Rotation And Interaction Of The Gravity Of The Earth By.

Researchers Explained That About 4 Billion Years Ago, When The Moon First Formed, It Was High In Temperature, Under The Thin Crust Of The Rock, Mainly Liquid Matter, Which Led To Strong Plasticity Of The Moon. At That Time, The Rotation Of The Moon Was Very Fast And The Distance From The Earth Was Relatively Close. It Was Easily Affected By The Gravity Of The Earth. Under The Combined Action Of These Forces, The Moon Gradually Formed A Slightly Flat Lemon Shaped Whole".

Ian Garik Bethel, Who Led The Study, Said The Findings Help Deepen Understanding Of The Moon And Provide Evidence For Other Events In The Evolution Of The Moon.